Indirectly Famous

I went to LTUE today and have other stuff to do, but I can’t miss this week because I’m the only author on right now and it’s only the second week of the experiment. I was tempted to just post some of my earlier work and trick everyone, but I’ll do something original and fresh. It’s days like this that I enjoy what I consider “prose.” It’s not poetry, per se, but it has the same intent: to elegantly present a thought or scene. It lets me be more formal than a blog but not worry about plot, character, or conflict. I can just speak. Here it is:

To work for a famous man would be an interesting thing.
For, you see, I would be known by him and no one else; quite the opposite of fame
Yet I would touch fame every day, skimming the surface and bouncing off again,
Free to be myself without anyone watching me. I would be famous, but no one would know it.
Very interesting, indeed.

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