Pill of Godhood

This post is inspired by the prompt from Writing Excuses 6.24.

Jared kept still, eyes shut, for a few more minutes. Gotta give the bully and his posse enough time to forget about him as they walk away. This was becoming a regular event. He was getting used to it — he had learned to ignore pain a long time ago — but that didn’t mean he liked it. After a while he straightened out and stood up, stretching muscles sore from lying on cold concrete. He barely limped as he set off toward home.

Fall was just beginning and Jared was glad to have an excuse to wear long sleeves and a sweater — it covered any bruises and provided padding. He pulled his hood up at the breeze that hit as he turned down an alley. A sheet of newspaper flew into his face and as he pulled it off he noticed a colorful ad boasting comic-book superheroes and white-coated doctors shaking hands. He read the article. “Tired of feeling ordinary? Never want to be a damsel in distress again? Sign up now to test the latest breakthrough in regenerative medicine and say ‘Goodbye!’ to pain and weakness!” He took note of the address at the bottom and threw the paper away.



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